Coat Consulting


Consumer Audit Tool - Developed to Audit the New National Mental Health Standards

Consumer Auditing Tool Consulting (COAT Consulting) is a partnership formed specifically to audit the New National Mental Health Standards and to develop other activities identified as a result of using the Consumer Audit Tool (CoAT). 


CoAT workshops are where key stakeholders of public Mental Health Services, consumers, carers and service providers work in partnership to evaluate their services and to identify ways to continue to improve public Mental Health Services.


CoAT was initially developed by Douglas Holmes in the old Greater Murray Area Health Service in Albury in 1999. It builds on work undertaken during the CANDO Project a three-year position funded under the 2nd National Mental Health Plan.


The partnership was registered with NSW Department of Fair Trading under the Business Names Act 2002 on 18/04/2011, and has two partners: Lynda Hennessy & Douglas Holmes.


We would like to hear from other Consumers and Carers who are interested in using CoAT to audit their public mental health service against the New National Mental Health Service especially Standard 10.1 Supporting Recovery.



This Web site is entirely funded by the efforts of Lynda and Douglas. The content of this Web site does not necessarily reflect the views or policies of any of the organisations we are involved with, nor does mention of trade names, commercial products, or organizations imply endorsement by any of those organisations.



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