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Dreck of Dreams

The Deck of Dreams project in collaboration with The Wayside Chapel, St Vincents Inner City Health Program, Inner City Mental Health Recovery working group and organizations with links to Reclink.


The Deck of Dreams was developed by Jennifer Lee a Day 2 Day worker at The Wayside Chapel. The project is a collaborative community project where participants can turn dreams into something tangible, something you can hold.  

When completed there will be 52 cards with unique artworks and explanations of the dreams, people will be able to share the dreams and keep the ones that inspire them.


More information about the Deck of Dreams can be found at http://mindgarden.me


The Deck of Dreams poster was voted as the delegate’s choice during the 2011 Looking Forward Looking Back 3 event held at the RedfernTown Hallon 17 November 2011(http://www.coatconsulting.com.au/index.php/icmhrwg.html).


A small working group has met twice to look at how we could collaborate to bring this project to a successful conclusion, with an exhibition on Hospital Street on level 4 St Vincents Hospital towards the end of 2013.


The working group has discussed using the O’Brien Centre and the 6 sites (Surry Hills, Woolloomooloo, Glebe, Waterloo, Redfern and Millers Point) identified through the Cadre project as locations to hold workshops with the first one to start in April with the launch of the RecoveryCave on level 3 at the O’Brien Centre


As part of the Deck of Dreams project it was discussed about developing a template that would allow the development of a 7 minute promotional DVD about the Deck of Dreams project (using the guidelines for Tropfest http://tropfest.com/au/) and could be used to promote the posters from the 2011 Looking Forward Looking Back 3 event.