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Stories Project


Thanks for taking the time to explore the Hearing Voices and Recovery : Anthologies from Down Under project.


We would like to compose a book of fifty anthologies of people who hear voices or did hear voices and have profited by the "accepting voices" approach.


We are a collective of voice hearers who have meet at conferences and workshops  across New Zealand and Australia and have discussed the possibility of voices hearers and professionals who like to work with voice hearers working together to promote accepting the voices and engaging with them.


The purpose is that people change their relation with their voices in order to take their lives in their own hands again.


To promote this approach more widely the collective would like to publish a book with 50 stories of persons hearing voices who have profited from the "accepting voices" approach. The reason for this is to give evidence based motivation for other voice hearers and professionals to overcome their hesitation in trying it out.


The idea is that you write your own anthology and the guidelines provide some order to make the task easier for you, and also to collect well organized information.


Furthermore, this approach has been promoted by Intervoice and we will be asking them to help with the project. If you need help in writing your story  you will find our contact details and telephone numbers in the online survey.


In order to make this challenge easier, we have included an example from the original book of 50 voice hearers who have told their stories in the Surveymonkey click here.


We hope you will become involved and we look forward to working with as you write about your experiences


Click here if you would like to participate in the project


With warm regards

Douglas Holmes & Arana Pearson

Collective of Voice Hearers from New Zealand & Australian

44/18 Malabar Rd
South Coogee, NSW 2034

Mobile 041 346 4469
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