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The Recovery Cave
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The Recovery Cave

The Recovery Cave Marbles guessing competition is being held during Mental Health month 2012 to raise awareness of The Recovery Cave program at St Vincents Hospital, Inner City Health Program.


        Information on Marble Guessing Competition          Entry Form for Marble Guessing Competition

        Feb 2013 Recovery Cave News sheet                     April 2013 Recovery Cave News sheet


In May 2012 The Inner City Recovery Cave was opened by Dr Peter McGeorge and in the afternoon the 1st workshop for the Deck of Dreams project was held. 50 people attended the opening and workshop.


The Inner City Recovery Cave is a space on the 3rd floor of the O'Brien Centre inside St Vincents Hospital. It will allow people with an interest in Recovery to network and share ideas that will promote that St Vincents is becoming a recovery-focused service.


The Recovery Cave will be open on a Wednesday afternoon between from 1 pm till 4 pm. The Deck of Dreams Project is about gathering a col­lec­tion of hopes and dreams from peo­ple who have been impacted by men­tal health issues. The hopes and dreams will be expressed cre­atively and trans­formed into a deck of 52 cards. It will be like a portable gallery of good­ness with pos­i­tive, inspi­ra­tion, quirky and real mes­sages of hope around men­tal health.

Jennifer Lee, Day 2 Day worker with The Wayside Chapel starting working on this creative idea in 2010 In 2011 Jennifer submitted a poster to the Inner City Mental Health Recovery Working group event titled Looking Forward Looking Back 3 and won 1st prize for her entry. A small working group from The Wayside Chapel and St Vincents has been set up to help Jennifer further develop this project.


More information about the project can be found on Jennifer's web site http://mindgarden.me


Deck of Dreams images

Modules for Recovery Cave Sessions

             Module No    Name                              Description                                          
1 Deck of Dreams Workshop  The Deck of Dreams project was launched on 16 May 2012 to coincide with the opening of the Inner City Recovery Cave
2 Making dreams come true This module will explore how to assist people to make their dreams come trus through using the Consumer Wellness Plan from NSW MH-OAT
3 Pathways to Recovery

This module explores the Pathways to Recovery workbook that promotes recovery in many areas of life including the elements of home, education, finding work, exploring relationships and supports, health and wellness, recreation, sexuality and intimacy and spirituality.

The Pathways to Recovery workbook includes over 30 first-person accounts of recovery and provides inspirational guidelines so readers can create and share their own stories.

4 Getting ready to get into motion This module will be lead by members of the Inner City Mental Health Rehabilitation from The O'Brien Centre 
8 Destination Recovery This module will explore a variety of Recovery resources that people can select to put in their Recovery Toolkits
9 Evaluation of Recovery Cave Program  



The Inner City S.U.P.E.R Group

The Inner City S.U.P.E.R Group will be starting in the O'Brien Urban Health Centre during in September 2012

The group aims to encourage Inner City Service Users to Participate, Educate and Research information that will help them in there own Recovery and prepare them for a life outside the O'Brien Urban Health Centre.


For more information contact Douglas Holmes, Consumer Participation Officer, O'Brien Urban Health Centre @ This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



The many different ways Consumers can be involved with the O'Brien Centre




At a client of the service as a supported volunteer

 The Recovery Guide project

The Recovery Guide project Being involved in a participation Research project like The Pathways FOR-U Project