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The Recovery Cave
Modules for Recovery Cave
The Inner City S.U.P.E.R Group
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Modules for Recovery Cave Sessions

             Module No    Name                              Description                                          
1 Deck of Dreams Workshop  The Deck of Dreams project was launched on 16 May 2012 to coincide with the opening of the Inner City Recovery Cave
2 Making dreams come true This module will explore how to assist people to make their dreams come trus through using the Consumer Wellness Plan from NSW MH-OAT
3 Pathways to Recovery

This module explores the Pathways to Recovery workbook that promotes recovery in many areas of life including the elements of home, education, finding work, exploring relationships and supports, health and wellness, recreation, sexuality and intimacy and spirituality.

The Pathways to Recovery workbook includes over 30 first-person accounts of recovery and provides inspirational guidelines so readers can create and share their own stories.

4 Getting ready to get into motion This module will be lead by members of the Inner City Mental Health Rehabilitation from The O'Brien Centre 
8 Destination Recovery This module will explore a variety of Recovery resources that people can select to put in their Recovery Toolkits
9 Evaluation of Recovery Cave Program